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Pet Care Services

Pet Luvin Casita offers pet care services for all your furry four legged friends Pet care services can be customized to fit you and your pets needs. We are open daily, 7am - 8 pm. Please inquire about specific services


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DOG WALK + VISITS + dog park

We will visit your home to check on your pet, take them out, walk with them, give them playtime, cuddles, feed and freshen their water.  We will also take in mail, water plants & other talks as requested. In addition to cats and dogs, we also specialize in rabbits, birds and wildlife.

  • 25 min. Walk + Visit: $20 per visit 
  • 50 min. Walk + Visit: $25 per visit
  • Dog Park Experience: $35 includes pick up + drop off
  • Cats, Rabbits, Birds: $19 per visit
  • Additional Pet: $5 -$10

Is youR dog ready to join the pack?

In an effort to ensure a safe and healthy pet care and play environment for all pets and our clients, we require a "meet and greet" before scheduling a first service. Additional requirements and guidelines below: 

  • We only accept dogs under 30 lbs; dog park experience, home visits and walks are for dogs of all sizes
  • All dogs must have up-to-date vaccinations, be properly licensed with the Town of Greenwich and wear a collar with visible ID tags
  • We recommend that all dogs be neutered or spayed prior to joining the pack
  • Dogs must be socialized, polite and non-aggressive
  • Please ensure your dog is microchipped with updated contact information

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